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Courage in Clinical Practice
October 2017

To do what we do necessitates courage. What is it? Where does it come from? How can I get some more? For licensed and unlicensed clinicians only.

Courage on the Journey
November 2017

To start and then to persevere the unselfish journey takes courage. It's risky to become aware of your life. It's risky to change. It's risky to love. Even riskier to love again. Are you looking for some courage to either start on the path or stay on the path? Open to all.

December 2017

Embodying the journey. Taking a day to hike in nature, to reflect on the journey, and to listen to what nature might teach us about the journey.



Trauma & C-PTSD - Depression - Anxiety - Creativity - Cross-Cultural Identity - Psyche & Sacred



What is Psychotherapy?

The root of the word is not "Psycho" but "Psyche". Big difference. "Psyche" is the latin word for soul. So psychotherapy is following a course of treatment in the hopes of healing what is aching in your soul. You may not know quite why you are hurting, or stuck, or confused. Depressed? Anxious? Flashbacks? That's okay. We can look at it together, and we will apply whatever forms of healing will relieve you of these symptoms.


The Body

Our bodies are the means by which we experience the world. Whether we become conscious or not of what we are experiencing, our bodies remember. To become more consciously embodied is a major focus of psychotherapy.


Trauma & Society

Terrorism, family violence, war, genocide, social injustice, poverty, discrimination, political rhetoric, media images. How do we process trauma as a society and as a global community? How we do so directly impacts our mental health.


If not now... when?

Nothing is more important for our collective humanity than your decision to grow into MORE of who you are.