A journey like none other.


Contrary to popular belief, the choice to begin your psycho-therapeutic journey is inherently unselfish. In fact, its primary purpose is for you to heal and grow so that you increase-- not decrease-- your capacity to love and respect others around you.

Psychotherapy is one of the best investments you can make

Imagine a world where everyone does their work to become more aware of their lives and the impact of their habits on others? Psychotherapy is a journey into areas of your life that might be scary to go into alone, for fear that your worst fears are actually true. A good psychotherapist is one who knows the territory, like a wilderness expert, and goes on the journey with you into those places. She has the knowledge and the necessary skills to survive. He is not a stranger to these places because he has been into his own places of pain and fear. They do not know your particular wilderness, but as you and they journey into your territory, they know the kinds of things to look for, to watch out for, to become curious about, to spend time with, to celebrate and to heal.   


You may be at the end of your rope, lost or simply in need of someone who understands. You may have tried all those self-help books and are looking for something deeper, more complex, and certainly more sustainable.

This journey takes courage

The journey inwards is a journey that takes courage. It is risky: there are unknowns, fears, past histories that decidedly we don't want to repeat. Vulnerability is scary for real reasons: opening up to an other has not always gone well. And this journey takes time: so many of us want a quick fix-- we live in a microwave world, not a slow-cooker one. And yet sustainable change only happens in time, and on its own time, faithfully being present to what is. To take this kind of time takes courage.

Courage is relational

Thankfully, courage does not exist in a vacuum. In order to have courage, we can't always juster it up. We need to be encouraged by an other-- at least one other. Which is why having your own psychotherapist along for the journey is essential.

if not Now, When?