What's Your Story?

To dare to explore your particular story is to risk finding your own truth. You might be fairly certain that your confusion, trauma, loss, sadness, anger, anxiety, present chaos, etc... is all of who you are, your final truth. You might fear that that's your story. End of Story. Period.

But what if these symptoms signaled the true beginning of your story, not the end? What if your symptoms were communicating something to you about, not who you truly are at your core, but about experiences that you've had that are getting in the way of you living out of that core, the true meaning of you. What if therapy could help free you to live out your true story?

My commitment to you is that I will come alongside you to help bring relief from your symptoms, as well as to help you find yourself again-- or perhaps it will be for the very first time. What will you discover? There's only one way to find out.



Our location:

  • We are in a beautiful 3-story wood paneled building, with peaceful courtyard, foliage & plenty of light
  • Free 1hr parking with validation
  • Parking entrance on Del Mar, between Arroyo Parkway & Marengo
  • Second floor, turn right as you exit the elevator or stairwell
  • My name is on the door to Suite 202: Deborah B. Edgar, Ph.D., LMFT
  • Call-light system on the wall, to the right, as you walk in
  • Waiting area with complimentary water, tea and coffee, as well as an array of magazines (if you are the rare person who still reads that format!)
  • Right above Houston's Restaurant
  • Catty Corner to the "Del Mar" Metro (Gold Line)
  • 1/2 mile from Old Town Pasadena
  • Up the street from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods