Psyche & Sacred & Body

For Freud, a reported relationship to the sacred was de facto pathological. That is, he understood religion and spirituality as a psychological illusion, which was serving a defensive function against living vulnerably in reality. To grow meant letting go of this illusion. For Jung, the manifestation of the sacred was one of the main means by which someone became whole. To grow meant to be in relationship with the sacred. No wonder these two parted ways. 

As we continue on in the 21st century, we have come a long way in understanding the relationship between the psyche and the sacred. It turns out that both Freud and Jung were right... some of the time. Indeed, some people do use religion, spirituality and/or the sacred to escape reality, and to even attack it. While other people make use of their relationship to the sacred to grow themselves, to live more vulnerably in reality.

I am fascinated by the relationship between the psyche and the sacred. Since Freud and Jung, many theorists and practitioners have grown this particular field of study in new and fresh ways. But all in all, in my practice, I pay close attention to the unhealthy use of the sacred-- as it worked against experiential authenticity rather than for it. But I also pay attention to the healthy use of the sacred, and how it can be a source of strength and leadership on the journey. 

I will delve into that mystery with you, if that's important to you.








Dreams & Spirituality

Dreams are amazing portals into the unconscious, and can be a place where the sacred manifests itself. In my experience, It often does not matter what religion you subscribe to in your conscious life (if any), dreams can have a numinous character to them. Have you ever woken up from a dream that you can't shake-- it stays with you all day? Have you ever dreamt of a person or symbol from a religion that is not your own? Perhaps these dreams are awakening you to something important for you to consider on your journey towards wholeness.

Pastors & Missionaries

Do you need a safe space wherein you do not have to play a role? Do you feel divided internally, between what you feel and what you are supposed to believe? Are there people in your congregation or team who are unmanageable?What is happening in your psyche that would be important to pay attention to?

I can help. Healthy pastor/missionary = healthy ministry/team = there are no two ways about it.





Psyche & Sacred Workshop

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