The Unselfish Journey

Guided Day Hike

December 2017


Experience the unselfish journey together in the outdoors. As a group, we will hike in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, just north of Pasadena. We will have time to reflect both out loud and in silence where we are on the journey. What has been hard? What has surprised you? What do you fear? We will listen to what our surroundings have to teach us about what's important and of what we can let go. Most importantly, we will aim to have fun. Because depth without play becomes morbidly serious; and play without depth becomes an escape.



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Trips Itineraries

Trip 1 - December 2017

Echo Mountain Trail. Morning Hike. 8am departure.

Trip 2 - January 2018

Inspiration Point. All Day Hike. 8am departure.

Trip 3 - February 2018

Millard Canyon Falls Trail



Prepare for your trip




  • Snacks
  • Basic First-Aid Kit

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